Real self-improvement is a shift toward a better balance of Body, Mind, Heart and Spirit. It's about becoming more honest with ourselves, more authentic and more real.

As a collective conscousness we are continually learning, evolving toward a higher state of consciousness. Although we may at times struggle and stumble, or perceive the troubles of the world as something "out there", we are indeed learning on a soul level. As we grow and expand in awareness, we may experience something new and exciting that we don't yet even have paradigms for.

We are all in this together! Let's make the most of our time on Earth - an opportunity to grow into our divine oneness with the Creator of All and All of Creation.

Allow your empowered, authentic self to come forward! Consciously or unconsciously, many continually seek approval from others in their lives. By empowering others to discover their own unique and personal truths, we are better able to live more authentic lives ourselves. It really does work that way!

A Bit About Hypnosis

I began to study hypnosis after many years of personal growth workshops and study. The degree to which our lives are run by our subconscious minds had become very apparent to me. Hypnosis is one of the most effective and easiest modalities to use to access the subconscious mind directly.

The elusiveness of the subconscious mind is both why it works so well in providing us with protection and survival instincts, as well as why it can at the same time seem impossible to change. Hypnotic trances are states of consciousness that have long been used as tools to access spiritual realms as well as the workings of the subconscious mind that control our day-to-day existence. In hypnosis the conscious mind slows down or stops its constant flitting from one thing to another. This allows the subconscious to process new information and it allows the awareness of the superconscious(higher self) to be more easily heard.

By integrating the enormous power that lies in our subconscious with the intuitive, life-aligning wisdom of the superconscious mind, what some call higher self, we can create miracles in our lives. Our thoughts direct and create the realities we experience, both personally and collectively. Yet consciousness is a slippery slope to navigate! Usually, the subtlety with which the subconscious and superconscious minds function causes their influence to go unnoticed by the conscious aspect of mind.

Our subconscious mind works constantly on our behalf, but it usually floats along unnoticed. Its work is subtle and automatic. Some of its programs are outdated and based on past experiences that had emotional impact. These old programs, although intended to "protect" us from further emotional injury, limit our ability to live purely in the moment and are often damaging to our self-esteem. This is because the subconscious is motivated by feelings, not by logic.

By learning to access and use the power of the subconscious, amazing and live-changing results are possible. This is the power of hypnosis. Through years of doing hypnosis in private practice, I discovered that the people who were most successful in using hypnosis to create a desired change were the ones who were truly motivated. Those who expected hypnosis to magically make them change when deep down they really didn't want to experiened limited success. The ones who achieved their desired result were the ones who really involved themselves in the process emotionally, while maintaining a positive expectation and optimistic attitude.

My hypnosis recordings empower listeners by allowing them to experience hypnosis in the privacy of their own homes, on their own schedules. By involving yourself with feeling and imagination in the recording sessions I've prepared, you can create wonderful changes in your life. Why not start right now!

Whether you want to lose weight, stop smoking, develop self-confidence, be a better speaker, reduce your stress level or connect with your higher self, hypnosis offers a solution that addresses change where it needs to begin: in the subconscious mind.

Every recording I've created is delivered in a background ot soothing music and special effects that enhance the hypnotic experience. My thanks go to Kevin MacLeod for giving me permission to use his awesome musical segments that are both fresh and original. You can check him out at

Daily listening for the first few weeks will improve and accelerate your results. And remember to involve yourself in the process!!

The script for every recording I offer is personally written and read by me. I hope you will enjoy your journeys into the realm of the powerful subconscious mind. Used regularly, these recordings have the potential for powerful, life-changing results.


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